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Alignable High Recommended

Regina Kinney

Mindful + Melanated

"Janet is awesome. She helped me make sponsorship calls for an event I was hosting. Not only is she super professional on the phone, but because of her, I got two amazing sponsors who not only sponsored my event, but also promotes my business on a regular basis - that alone is invaluable. Thank you Janet."


Wanda Smith

Comedian & Radio Host


"Janet Jack you are one amazing person. Every task that you are given. Is done with perfection, I don't know anyone like YOU... PLEASE KEEP DOING AN OUTSTANDING JOB AND I WISH YOU WELL...YOU ARE ALSO VERY TRUSTWORTHY."


Xenia Morris

PAM Firm

Janet Jack of KSS Solutions provides admin and technical support to small businesses. She has definitely been an excellent support to my company the PAM Firm. I would recommend her services to any small business in need of increasing their profits and productivity."

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