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Telecommunications  Support

  • Answer and respond during EST. hours

  • Responses are handled via phone. Obtain information for additional correspondence.

  • Retrieving necessary information from businesses such as point of contact and or email addresses

Starting at $25 hr

Client Relations Specialist

  • Answer & respond to daily emails within (24) hours

  • Flag all emails the client will need to personally respond to by the close of the business day

  • Digital organization

  • Maintain calendar daily & schedule appointments

  • Daily text of schedule

  • Weekly zoom meeting to review next week's schedule

Starting at $500 per month

Online Production Coordinator

Online Production Coordinator

  • Booking, scheduling, and corresponding with guest

  • Maintaining real-time engagement

Starting at $500 per month


Events Logistic Manager

  • Services may vary depending on the client's needs.

Starting at $30 hr

Personal Assistant

  • Services can be provided daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Serves as a liaison for any public relations appearances

  • Handling from business to financials

  • Attending event

Staring at $45 hr

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